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GLMCC strives to serve the community at large and we aim to make GLMCC the focal point within our community. We go beyond the traditional Masajid that merely offer salat as we have a dedicated team of workers who are involved in:

• Delivering Regular Weekly Lectures
• Providing Facilities for Sisters – Workshops – Classes 
• Evening Madrassah
• Support for New Muslims
• Youth Work Services – Mentoring – Tuition – Activities
• Dedicated Dawah Team
• Outreach Community Cohesion (Dawah)
• Islamic Judiciary Board
• Islamic Q&A Sessions
• Funeral Services
• Islamic Library
• Charity Appeals
• School Visits
• Red Brick Media – Islamic books and CD’s/DVD’s


Taraweeh prayers

Tareweeh Prayers live from
Green Lane Masjid .

MJAH Relief Aid Syria

Images from our trip to syria
to help the muslim aid workers.
see for yourself. 

Saturday 28th July talk for sisters and children only topic. What is hijab